Stress, anxiety and burnout: treatment with innovative techniques

1 – Stress assessment and personalized analysis
2 – Stress management training in a Virtual Reality environment
One-hour weakly program, 10 weeks
3 – Scientific measurements and demonstration of your progress

Our services aim to improve well-being and do not constitute therapeutic treatment.

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Our 1st center will be located at the Kwerk Haussmann space in Paris.
Contact us to find out when your local center will open (France and abroad).
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Updated 06-26-2017


Our techniques are based on brain plasticity. They are developed and tested by French and international research teams

Many scientific teams perform parallel work to discover and explain function, cognition and emotions.
It is impossible to know in advance which laboratories will achieve the discoveries that we then apply.

Academics, private and individual players alike, we bring together leading experts in cognitive sciences, electroencephalography (EEG), neuropsychiatry, neurophysiology, applied mathematics and educational science (big data).

Hence, our efforts also contribute to improving our understanding of the brain, but also the potential of new techniques for the improvement or remediation of cognitive functions.

Our programs are :

Easy and fun

Innovative and efficient

Scientifically proven

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In june 16, we organized the #WUIYMIND conference in Paris, France including a presentation on the use of neurofeedback techniques..



Keep your mind younger, healthier, sharper !

“We believe that the acceleration of innovation is an outstanding opportunity for major societal impact : to develop our minds’ immense potential”

Guillaume Victor-Thomas, founder of Open Mind Innovation
alumnus Singularity University (EP 2016).

In this era of digital innovation, we are increasingly relying on technology to handle our cognition.
Nowadays, it’s all about smartphones and the integration of informatics, while tomorrow will consist of robotics and artificial intelligence.

How many phone numbers do you know by heart?
What about 20 years ago?
We do not yet have enough hindsight, but there is a likely risk that long-term effects will arise.

At Open Mind Innovation, we believe that technology must serve to more effectively train the brain and to improve life.
Our mission is to help you keep a bright, young and healthy mind, for as long as possible.

“Write the second cognitive revolution with us !”

Our Team

Guillaume Victor-Thomas

Founder & CEO
The “1st patient”

Jonas Chatel-Goldman, PhD


Deborah Varoqui, PhD

Scientific project coordinator

Nicolas Bassan


Pierre Clisson, PhD


Nicolas Rochet, PhD

Neuroscientist & Data Scientist

Raphaëlle Bertrand-Lalo

Data Scientist

Marion Maignan

Gameplay Programmer

Mathias Chataignier

Game Designer

Antoine Semblat

Game Developer

Mickaël Eskinazi


Guillaume Tiger, PhD

Sound Designer

Vincent Filipiak

Concept Artist

Ben Lucas

3D Graphic Designer

External contributors

Alexandre Barachant, PhD

Research scientist

Alex Seel

Game Developer

Charles Annoni

Growth & Traffic Hacker

Open Mind Innovation is hiring
Would you like to join a community of developers, researchers and doctors?

Our job offers

Strategic board

Patrick Chardin

LG France, Sony, Sharp Health

Dr Marc Lévèque

Neurosurgeon, APHP

Dr Sacha Loiseau

CEO Maunakea Tech

Olivier Voegtlin

EM Lyon, finances

and several entrepreneurs

all successful

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